sunday, March 29


Follow this link to create a free account on Zoom. You can also download the app and create an account. We will gather here from 10:00-10:15am to connect with friends and share any prayer requests before we go to Instagram Live and Facebook Live to continue our gathering! There will be a link posted HERE so that you can click on to join our gathering.


Follow this link to find our page on Instagram (@mergecommunitychurch). By following this link, you will be able to see our posts, but you will not be able to connect with our live gatherings. We encourage you to create a free account to stay connected!


Similar to Instagram, following this link will allow you to see our Facebook page and our posts. To be connected as we stream live events, you will want to create a free account and follow our page (@mergecommunitychurch)!

Online Giving

The message for our gathering will be posted below on Sunday morning for you to view!

Sunday, march 22