July 4, 2020

We continue to pray and give intentional thought about the safest and best experience for gathering in our building. Our hope is to be wise and responsible as we meet again in person, so we would like to adhere to the following guidelines to create a safe environment in which all who choose to come feel comfortable. We are planning to stream our gathering on Facebook if you do not join us in person!

We are following the state guidelines for mask-wearing. We ask that all who plan to gather in person would wear a mask. There will be masks available at church if you need one or forget yours.

Please plan to observe an appropriate physical distance throughout the building (greet with waves and smiles!)


Contactless experience:

Weather permitting, our front doors will be propped open.

If there is inclement weather, someone will be posted at the doors to open them for you.


We are essentially eliminating all shared items:

No coffee will be served.

A container for giving will be available in one stationery location (you can still give online).

Chairs are spaced to encourage appropriate physical distance between people.

*We will have a small supply of individual bottles of water and tissues.


No supervised child care will be provided at this time:

Space will be available for families and children if needed in The Garage, Nursery, or Welcome Center.

Toys and other items for children must be brought from home-no shared items, please!


Cleaning procedures:

After our Sunday gathering, we will be sanitizing, wiping down, and cleaning all areas of our building that are being used.

gathering updates

Update: Saturday, April 4, 2020


Follow this link to create a free account on Zoom. You can also download the app and create an account. We will gather here from 10:00-10:30am to connect with friends and share any prayer requests before we go to Instagram Live and Facebook Live to continue our gathering! Join our gathering by clicking HERE


Follow this link to find our page on Instagram (@mergecommunitychurch). By following this link, you will be able to see our posts, but you will not be able to connect with our live gatherings. We encourage you to create a free account to stay connected!


Similar to Instagram, following this link will allow you to see our Facebook page and our posts. To be connected as we stream live events, you will want to create a free account and follow our page (@mergecommunitychurch)!

Online Giving

gathering updates

Update: Monday, March 16, 2020


gathering updates

Hello, Church!

We are continuing to monitor the status of developments surrounding COVID-19 (coronavirus), and our leadership team intends to prayerfully and responsibly make decisions that keep our church family safe and healthy and to make decisions that keep the community at large as safe as possible. 

As of now, we will continue our gatherings as normally planned starting with our Sunday worship gathering at 10:00am.

We would like to encourage the following safe practices as we plan to gather:

-Firstly, if you or a family member have a fever or are sick, please stay home. 

-Let us know if you are sick so we can pray for you and meet any needs you may have in terms of assistance with groceries or other errands.

-Plan to greet each other with smiles and waves, rather than handshakes and hugs.

-Allow at least 4 chair spaces between family units when finding a seat in the sanctuary.

-Consider setting up online giving: Merge Community Church. We will have baskets available for giving in a stationary location, but we will not be passing them around the sanctuary.

-Continue with safe hand-washing procedures and use the hand sanitizer we have placed around the building.

***We will be taking steps to diligently clean the church and sanitize highly touched surfaces, such as door handles and faucet handles, before and after our gatherings. Our nursery supplies will also be sanitized before and after their use.